What Makes The Product Of The Organization And May Be Used For The Movement Of Goods

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The product main purpose will be transportation and may be used for the movement of goods. The target market of the organization for this line of product are adults with a driving license, therefore 18 plus. Due to the cost of the product, we are targeting people who live in the city and can afford the cars. Middle Class. The purchase of this vehicle will not be impacted by climate. More target market will be living in urban areas. Rural areas will be cheaper cars or no cars, at least not GM made Chevrolets and Cadillac. American Cars are not easy to come by in Colombia and not many other than GM are available there. That is what makes the product unique and one of a kind. Competitors include Mazda parent company of Compania Colombiana Automotriz S.A. Sold as Mazda a Japanese Company. Other than Mazda there is Renault parent company of Sofasa SA. Sold as Renault. In addition there is, outeco. Autotecnica Colombiana S.A. French and Colombian companies respectively.
GM will have the competitive advantage as they are the most American-Made Vehicles. American cars are known for their quality. They are known to be fast. Well known and established. American brand cars are prestigious and are thought as luxury cars. These cars are made of highest quality, because they are produced outside of Colombia, therefore they meet American and Canadian standards, which are higher (ex.environmental and safety) than compared to Colombia.
The products are exported to General Motors -…

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