Essay on What Makes Publix Unique?

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What makes Publix unique?
Attaining success becomes strenuous in the business world if an organization does not learn how to adequately distinguish itself from its competition. When a firm gears its focus on imitating competitor products or services, rather than establishing its value proposition, the firm will fail to become a leader in its industry which in turn, leads to net loss and irrelevancy for the company. Essentially, this is one of the primary reasons Publix has acquired a notable status amongst consumers and is one of the largest privately owned companies in America. Specifically, Publix’s ability to adopt a people-first culture exemplifies why it has prospered since its debut in 1930. According to Pfeffer and Veiga, a company’s proceeds stem from its management practices in terms of treating its staff as assets. In other words, Publix has created a culture where employees feel connected to the workplace, and therefore want to make a positive contribution to the organization. Furthermore, not only does Publix recognize that people are the firm’s most critical asset, but it also offers an employee-share ownership plan. This indicates that Publix is not reluctant to share a piece of the pie with its employees, considering that most companies are unwilling to grant this opportunity.
Lastly, Publix’s customer service is superior in comparison to its grocer counterparts. This suggests that Publix has incorporated Customer Relationship Management. CRM enables…

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