Essay about What Makes People Poor?

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What makes people poor? What are the causes of people becoming poor?

(Thomas B Edsall) Dr. E saw poverty as a technical problem, not a moral one or political pressures, to get an explanation where poverty start. “ We should consider the ramification of new research that provides insight into urban social disorder, worklessness, the rising salience of education and the shortcoming of government policy.” The scope of this research on unemployments to look at the consequences for men who group up in a fatherless household. Dr. E said that the labor market trajectory of males in the U.S. has turned downward along four dimensions that take them to poverty which are; skills acquisition, employment rate, occupational stature, and real wage level. He basically said that the reason why people are poor is because the type of job they get. Dr. E also think that that the absence of stable parents from children lives has particularly significant adverse consequence for boys psychosocial developmental and educational achievement. Edsall, Thomas E. (2014, September 2) What makes people poor?. New York Times. Retrieved from

2. Why street kid are most likely to get involve with the New York’s policy? Why we only see street kids getting in problem? Why are they in public problems? (Kristina E. Gibson) Since the 1990’s in New York city and other urban areas across the United States, the public violence that involve street kids was not groundbreaking news.…

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