What Makes Our White Middle Upper Class Society? Essay

1274 Words Nov 2nd, 2015 6 Pages
Today’s society has created more people that are in the other category, there are the poor and less fortunate, the disabled, and even still today women and minorities are looked at differently. In this paper I will look at what it is about these groups of people that make our white middle to upper class society look down on them. I will also look at ways we can reverse what we think of these people and the stereotypes that we attribute to them.
The poor less fortunate are a group of people that our society likes to push out of our minds, we don’t like to think about them because it tends to put a damper on what we are doing. Some people see them and think about what they can do to help that person, but people like this are few and far in between in today’s society which is a shame. Most other people seem them and think what di that person do to end up where they are today. People don’t know what that person’s life was like or what lead them but most common people think well they must of dropped out of school and won’t find a job. These statements really bugs me “Why can’t they just get a job?” or “why can’t they go finish school?” A lot of the time the person might have been forced out of high school because of complications and now they are stuck. They can’t afford a higher education the only jobs they can get don’t pay them enough to live on so they are told to go get higher education but again they can’t afford it and they are stuck in this circle. Not only are they stuck…

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