What Makes Neorealism, A Scientific Theory? Essay

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The dictionary definition of ‘Science’ is: “the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.” It almost seems as if Kenneth Waltz took this definition as his inspiration and carved out a theory which would fit in like a hand to a glove, take the existing realist theories, bring about the winds of change to them and redefine ‘Realism’, thus changing the field of International Relations forever. In this essay, I will try to showcase what makes Neorealism, a more scientific theory in comparison to Classic Realism, what are the key differences between the two theories and argue if one theory is more useful than the other or not.

A theory in need, is a theory indeed
Everytime there has been a lack of explanation in a world event or the failure of events to transpire as they should have, a new theory emerges to try and understand the procedure behind the working of the world. Not all theories are problem-solving theories; some maybe developed to help one understand the functions of various components of a structure, some maybe developed to explain the reason why a particular thing happens repeatedly, while some theories are constructed just to better the existing theories and go beyond them. The problem we face, comes with the perception of a theory. Theories often are subjected to the eternal question, “Are they relevant in the real world?” A theory is…

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