Essay on What Makes My Personality Personal?

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What makes my personality personal?
There are more than seven billion people in the world right now and that number is steadily growing at a rapid rate. Of those seven billion people in the world, we are each unique in our own way and we all have something that defines us as a person. The compilation of our different behaviors and traits helps to shape our own special personalities. Personality has no solid definition, but it has to do with differences among people in behavior patterns, cognition, as well as emotion. This simply means that we may look at the same situation in different ways, and reach different solutions based on different thought processes. I would describe myself as an especially open-minded individual, someone who is spontaneous, but works to realize the bigger picture. Based on the Learning Styles and Personality Types test that we utilized in class, that uses information on Brain Dominance Theory and True Colors, I have an orange personality type. I like to explore new areas, I flourish when building contraptions with my hands, I jump off of isles in Walmart when I’m bored, and I adapt with the flow without giving much thought to consequence or dangers. All of these characteristics shape me into the person I am and they help me to realize my strengths and weaknesses.
A strength is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as being a good or beneficial quality or attribute of a person or thing. As a person, I possess a lot of attributes and qualities that help…

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