Essay on What Makes My Own Mother A Special?

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Many people enjoy saying that a special somebody in their life, is their special hero. But for me, it will always be my mother. Yes, this lovely lady, of one of the three people who gave me life, is a special person in my life. But, that 's the case in this world, the whole 7.8 billion people in these cruel and selfish world. So what makes my own mother a special case, one that stands out by itself? Well, to start, I must go back couple of decades, all the way 'till she was not a mere child.

My Mother 's family learned of Jehovah 's Witnesses since they were little. My grandparents were a great couple, and had a total of 8 children, 7 girls and a little boy. Amazingly that little boy, wasn 't a "machista", Manly man, which is common over there in Mexico. No, on the contrary, he learned to be like my grandfather, a humble man with a kind heart that every person like to have for company. But half of the children became like my grandmother, a selfish lady, who all she wanted was money, her greed hade made her into a queen Bee, even if she had many possession 's , that in their time, it was consider to be of great wealth. My mother always told us that they always had the latest devices, a television, a microwave, a couple of vehicles, a brand new refrigerator, and also had enough food for a family of 10.

As my mother grew into womanhood, she had to help her family, even if a couple of them didn 't like the way, staying in the only way my family was raised, in becoming Jehovah…

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