What Makes My Life? Essay

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Classic American Every day our lives are molded by those around us. We grow up learning to live like those who raise us. We see their happiness, hardships, and everything else that comes between. All of the things that happen to them, we take and make our own or try to do better than, but more importantly we learn what life is really about. Our lives would never be the same if we never saw what life is supposed to be about from those who influence us, and we only saw the easiness of some parts of everyday life. The wholeness of life is what makes where we come from what it truly is. The place I come from is like a greasy wrench. Growing up, I always spent the majority of my time with my grandparents.
My grandpa, however, was the one I was always around. I was very young at the time, but we would work on our small family farm and fix every machine that was insight. Every day we were together, we would always come inside covered in sweat, dirt, and grease; I could never had been happier with what we would accomplish and how we looked at the end of the job. Each time I worked with him, I learned a little more about how hard life really was. Anything was to never come easy, that I would have to work tirelessly for everything that I wanted to achieve in life. Nothing was more inspiring than that lesson he taught me with everything we did. He made the place I come what it truly was. One day while we were on his old truck, he told me a stories about him working at a mechanic’s…

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