What Makes My Family A Family? Essay

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This lesson could be implemented along with my inquiry question, “what makes my family a family”, by giving students another lens to explore what makes their family different from other families. While the focus on this specific lesson is more on identifying characteristics of “places”, ideally, a further lesson would be implemented to expound on the idea that people (or families) shape the characteristic of the environment they live in. Following this would be another lesson that focuses on how different families shape their home environment in different ways (using the classroom family neighborhood as a reference). For the sake of time, this lesson introduces the concept of “characteristics” as a mini-lesson at the beginning of the lesson. However, further pre-assessments will need to be given prior to this lesson in order to identify whether a lesson on identifying characteristics should constitute its own lesson or not.
Urban Teachers Lesson Planning Template
Grade Level
First Grade Subject:
Social Studies - Geography Date:
Home Assessment page Smart Board Blank wall space for “Classroom family neighborhood”
Picture of my room

Lesson Component What will you do? / What will students do?

Common Core Standard
• What common core standard(s) does this lesson address?
• How do you know the students need this lesson?
• Unpack the standard(s) by identifying the…

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