What Makes Me Different From The People? Essay

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I was born In Tijuana, I lived there for seven years, from the age of eight years old I moved to the United States. Once I started living in the United States I never had a stable school to improve my ability of learning the language. Almost every 2 years I moved schools and houses too. My mother was in a good and bad relationship with my stepfather. Getting to learn the language was hard for me because everyone in my household spoke Spanish excepted my step Father. This Struggles are what makes me different from the others. The things that make me different are my struggles. I was born and raised in Tijuana in a place known as El Pipila. Back then it was a poor colony to live in. The streets were made of dirt. Everytime it rains, cars would get stuck, and making my way to school was difficult for me, we had to wear bags on our feet so we wouldn 't get our shoes dirty. Where I lived most of the houses were made of old wood, Luckily I lived in a house made of concrete. Latter on in my life, my mom remarried a guy who was in the army who moved us out of the country so we can have a better life in the U.S. During that time I was was seven years old about to be eight years old. The Experience of moving to a whole new country was just mind blowing, I had to start fresh. I left behind my old friends and my old life so I could start a new one with my mom and her husband.
The first thing my new family did as soon as we crossed was getting a place to stay in and enroll me in a…

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