What Makes Me Become The Best Candidate Of The Hkust Business School Mba Program

884 Words Oct 28th, 2016 4 Pages
"I am a slow walker, but I never walk back.” by Abraham Lincoln. That is what I believe and what makes me become the best candidate of the HKUST Business School MBA program. I want to have my own business. In Hong Kong, a bachelor’s degree is enough to have a well-paid job, even my parents suggest me to work after I have a bachelor’s degree for understanding how a company holder runs a company. However, I have a strong desire of having knowledges that could make me to success, such as human resource management, product branding skills, marketing research and analyze, etc.. It will take me about sixteen month, and I may walk a little bit slower, but it is always worth to do. I believe the HKUST Business School MBA program could help me to develop different business knowledges. During I was studying for my International Business bachelor’s degree, I have built a strong international business and economics analyze insight. As a future business owner, international insight would be very critical under the globalized market. During I was studying at UCSD, I communicated with different people with different cultural background. I understood that the difference of their cultural background could affect to their personal decisions; therefore, I learned how to think with others standpoint. During my junior year at UCSD, I have done a group project of introducing a product to the class. I chose an iPhone. Since I have considered the background of my classmates, I brand the product by…

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