What Makes Me A Rose Photographer? Essay

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What, me a rose photographer? No, I am a botanist, plant physiologist and plant pathologist. At least that is all that I thought I was until 24 years ago when my passion for the beautiful roses led me on a slightly different journey to an evacuation in rose photography. It has been an interesting and rewarding trek, but perhaps I should start at the very beginning.

Many, many eons ago, when I was 6 years old, my mother helped me plant my first rose. She instilled in me a love for all types of plants. Her inspiration probably assisted me in my selection of a career choice. I chose the area of plants right after my first quarter at The Ohio State University when my blue print drawing class presented me with a significant sign that I was really not destined to become an engineer. I just could not think and draw angles in the three dimensional manner that was required to construct a blue print. I have never regretted my choice and certainly the only “angling” that I can do well, even now, involves fishing.

When I got married and we had our first house, I continued to plant roses, even though they are considered annuals in Ohio. They thrived – during the summer. But I persevered and we always had a few roses to enjoy. I received my first real semi-professional camera in 1969 when my wife was completing her dual Ph.D. in curriculum and media. Wait, she was getting the degree in media, so why did I get the camera? As you might expect, it takes a whole village to get a higher…

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