What Makes It Us? Essay

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Mankind has always been puzzled about what makes us, well us. René Descartes expresses what I feel is the answer, in the phrase "Cogito ergo Sum", I think therefore, I am. Intelligence is what differentiates humans from animals, but also we are intrigued in who is more intelligent. As Howard Gardner says in his book Multiple Intelligences, man has multiple intelligences and each individual can be proficient in only in one. This means that individuals are intelligent in their one way. Intelligence entails solving problems or fashion products that are of consequence in a particular cultural setting or community. This entails that IQ are incomplete as measure for success because it only measures one of the intelligences, the logical-mathematical. Children are at risk if this is not clear, because they may lack development in the other intelligences. They fall under a uniform school where they are only prepared in the logical-mathematical intelligence. Gardner emphasizes that we move education to an individual centered school. In the individual centered school, as Gardner puts it, is a better education because it creates a unique program for each individual. That leads to the growth of the intelligences where the student 's proficiency tends. For example, a musically gifted child will have musically centered schedule. This leads to a society where all individuals are excellent at what they are proficient, which makes a more productive society. There are many intelligences not…

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