What Makes It Difficult Or Easy? Essay

1339 Words Oct 17th, 2014 null Page
It could be said that the most difficult thing a person can do is to transform their ideas, opinions, and research into writing. Many people wonder how people embark on this. What is the process like? Do they enjoy doing it? Why do they do it? Is it difficult? What makes it difficult or easy? During an interview with Kannesha Fulllove some of these questions have been answered. I find it fascinating to learn about someone else’s perspective of writing rather than my own.
Kaneesha came from a small town with a big family. Her family did not have the necessary means to teach her how to write however, they did manage to send her to Catholic private pre-school. During private school she had great teachers who how taught her how to do the simple things first. She started with her alphabet and then she worked her way up to numbers. This was a very difficult to Kaneesha. She had trouble with this because her handwriting was so terrible. As a child she was forced to adapt to a new bigger city and seemed as if it was the most difficult thing that she has ever went through. Most people would fall behind in a situation like this but, Kaneesha took a different route. She thrived in her bad situation and ended up becoming valedictorian of her sixth grade class. Her earliest memory of difficult writing was a three and a half page summary. Her English teacher helped her revise and compose her paper correctly. This probably would seem fairly easy to her now considering that she must do…

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