What Makes for Good Quality Care in Residential Settings? Essay

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Title: What makes for good quality care in residential settings? What actually is residential care and who we care for? Residential care is for people who can not continue living in their own home, even with support from home care services. You can stay in residential care for a short time known as respite care, over a longer period or permanently. There is a wide range of reasons for needing this type of support, for example, if a person has significant physical disabilities, learning disabilities, mental ill health, an alcohol or drug dependency, or is at risk of injury or abuse. This often has serious impacts on their life-opportunities - for example, working, having sexual relationships, or starting a family. Residential care can …show more content…
Residential homes differ in ways of working, physical environment, capability of the clients and quality of care. Differences in way of working depends on the way of support, in nursing home there is twenty four seven nursing care and most of the staff are nurses. In other residential homes we may find support workers whom just supporting and prompting service users to do their daily tasks or we may find care workers whom are helping clients with personal care and do most of the tasks for clients. Properties used for residential purposes are different and almost every property could be converted to some kind of care home. Many large residential homes are built in old edwardian or victorian houses, but this vary from place to place. Each house or property have to be customize for residential use and all necessary equipment have to be provided. According the Essential Standard of Quality and safety each property have to have certain proportions to fulfil these standards. Room sizes, amount of bathrooms if not en-suite, size of communal areas all have to be according requirements. Many residential homes have large garden or outdoor areas for residents to be able to go out. Home environment have to be customized for special needs of our clients. If our residents have physical disability we would need to have lift or installed stair lift so our clients can access upper floor. For

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