What Makes Food For Thought? Essay

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Food For Thought
People often wonder what kind of impact eating certain types of food can hold on the human body. Among the alterations that they typically cite are weight loss, weight gain, improved stamina, and an increased ability to function in life along with other effects. However, few people have questioned what impact food has in regards to one’s psychological state of mind. Food can alter human thought processes in a myriad of ways including drastic changes in mood ranging from depression to inexplicable bursts of energy, increased or decreased production of hormones and enzymes, seemingly random cravings for certain types of food, and changes in both behavior and body language among other things.. As such, what types of food we choose to eat carries a large impact on our daily lives and how each day will be conducted.

As stated before, different varieties of food can impact one’s psychological state in many ways. For example, a person is liable to experience mood swings due to consuming certain objects. They may appear to be gleeful and exceedingly energetic one day, but depressed and slothful the next largely in part to what they have and have not eaten. Food items such as french fries and hot dogs may seem delicious, though they contain fats, sodium, nitrates, and carbohydrates that place detrimental effects upon one’s body. As such, they are not meant to be eaten on a consistent basis and are to be avoided if you desire to avoid experiencing bad moods for…

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