What Makes Donald Trump? Essay

703 Words Dec 7th, 2015 3 Pages
When taking the time to stop and think about who the best president would be in America, only one comes to mind. America needs someone that will stand up for what is right: a president that will take control in any situation and lead America in the right direction. There is only one name who comes to mind when thinking about a quality leader, and that is Donald Trump. Donald Trump has many fine attributes as well as a vast arsenal of other skills that make him better suited for the job than anybody else. Trump’s most adhered qualities that appear to the masses is that he is tough and not afraid to flex America’s muscles and has the ambition to take on the ongoing evil that is arising in the world. He is not politically correct; he is not afraid to say what he believes in and will ignite honest debates, and lastly, his loyalty will be to America and Americans not any political party, special interest group or foreign entity. These three qualities are what makes Donald Trump the most suited of candidates for the presidency. Trumps ambition to use America’s power to eliminate the evil going on in the world, is Trump’s first major quality that makes him the most suitable candidate. The way Donald Trump thinks and handle things is the way a president should be doing in the first place. Trump is the kind of candidate that the American people have been looking for. A president that has a backbone and does not apologize on behalf of the United States to pretty much every country…

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