Essay on What Makes Divorce An Interesting Area Of Research?

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What makes divorce an interesting area of research is that it is always changing in terms of reasoning, frequency and even the impacts it causes on everyone involved. Each marriage that ends in divorce has its own unique characteristics and sometimes in the long run, turns out to be the best outcome. One may argue that this area is important to research to better understand the implications it causes. Divorce research has found a number of implications that it can cause on the individual level, family level and even societal level that include emotional health, education success, job opportunities, economic status and can sometimes create greater chances for crime (Fagan & Rector, 2000). Researchers are discovering new ways to understand this phenomenon through other findings such as the number of children who grow up in home by different caregivers, and most frequently not by both biological parents (Amato, 2005). This particular finding does not necessarily mean that divorce was the issue for this but it could very well explain the change in family structures that can be a result of divorce. This has brought about many questions in terms of why society is seeing this trend and what implications does it cause for the children and families. To understand the reasoning behind why marriage is failing, it is important to understand a number of factors can play a part in the splitting. It has been found that the reason couples decide to end their marriage are a variety of…

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