What Makes Beowulf a Hero and How Does It Compare to Modern Day Heros

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Defining a Hero

In today’s times, there are many everyday heros that are just ordinary citizens. For example, Martin Luther King Jr. and the firefighters of 9/11. These are just people who wanted to make a difference in the world and as a result are considered heroes. A hero not only has to be brave, but also has to have unselfishness and the desire to set a good example for other people. good intro with all the necessary parts: lead, background, thesis. When one thinks of a hero, bravery is often a common quality, but there are many examples of bravery. good TS In Beowulf, he displays countless actions of bravery, but one that really stands out in the text is when he is old and has to face the dragon that is
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Beowulf sets a good example by repaying King Hrothgar for helping Beowulf’s father in a time of need; “Beowulf, you’ve come to us in friendship, and because of the reputation your father found at our court” (191-192). Martin Luther King Jr. set a good example for people who were not yet even born and are yet to be born; “We are all better off for his having been among us, for his having preached to us. Even those of us who were only children then, or who

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