What Makes Any Senses? Essay

1027 Words Feb 24th, 2016 null Page
Almost everyone has experienced food differently when they are sick, or have been affected by their senses when a food looks unappealing. It’s almost like having a stuffy nose can make food seem more bland or unenjoyable, or like a certain appearance of a food can influence the way one perceives its taste. This actually does occur, because our senses do in fact influence one another. Smell and taste are both identified by a chemical sensation system, with smell being processed by the olfactory cells in the brain, and taste processed by gustatory cells in the brain. Other senses also influence others as well, like the way eating in a crowded or noisy environment can influence they way one perceives their food (Yan & Dando, 2015). To test to see how using certain senses while not using other ones affect perception of flavor, I got a friend to eat mystery foods without using particular senses. The results of this experiment were interesting, and not exactly how I thought they would turn out. Before I started the experiment, I hypothesized that with fewer senses, it would be more difficult overall to identify a particular food. Conversely, the more senses in use, the food would be easier to identify, in addition to it being more flavorful. The independent variables in the experiment would be which senses were used, and the dependent variable would be the perceived flavors as a result of the taste test. To conduct my experiment, I took a friend to the dining hall and I chose a…

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