Essay about What Makes An Individual?

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Existence is a difficult thing to determine if one begins to question what makes an individual. Theories have arisen from this to discuss if there is indeed a self, that we are all individuals or if we are simply lying to ourselves. In this paper, I will be arguing that there is a self, according to the same mind theory, but that it is not an enduring one. Like any philosophical theory parts of the same mind theory is dubious such as the unreliability of memory. However, the mind is so much more than memory. The mind is perception, values, personality and belief.
Consider this case of identity from a hypothetical scenario, where under some circumstance you exchanged minds with another person. You no longer reside in your own body, but you would be sure to say that it is still you. Despite the change in your exterior, you are still yourself on the inside. Within the foreign body, you still have the same beliefs and values you did in your original body. You still express traits that you did in your original body the appearance is only different. Everyone has these little subconscious ticks that anyone who knew them long enough would be able to recognize. By simply changing your appearance you wouldn’t suddenly change religion or political party. There is essentially an infinite number of traits, beliefs, and values, so it would be unlikely that a person would exist with similar enough set of traits to replace your identity.
It’s these values that make you who you are. They…

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