Essay about What Makes An Individual Unique?

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I’ve always loved seeing what makes an individual unique; after all, if we were surrounded by people that all looked the same, acted the same, and were nothing but alike we’d live in a very bland world. I was thirteen years old when I first noticed a visible tattoo on someone that was in my age range, and I remember analyzing the tattoo and thinking how beautiful each detail was. It wasn’t until a couple of days of getting to know this person that I noticed how no one would sit with him, or talk to him. Then I started seeing how teachers didn’t take his input seriously and unintentionally dismissed him, almost like if they were assuming there wasn’t anything they could do for him. It was as if his tattoo automatically declared the kind of person he was going to be; no one even considered giving him a chance. From then on, I started observing how even in my own family, tattoos were seen as a statement for trouble. My mother automatically declared him a bad influence when she saw me hanging out with him. I couldn’t understand what everyone else was seeing, when all I saw was someone who chose to alter their body with art for their own personal reasons. As time went by and I met more people with visible tattoos I noticed how others would either have the same reaction I had, where they saw tattoos as art, or start making assumptions about the individual’s character. Whether it was robbing them from an opportunity or letting the stigma of tattoos to determine the person’s…

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