Essay on What Makes an Effective Senior Leadership Team (Slt)?

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What makes an effective senior leadership team (SLT)?

The nature of an effective a senior leadership team (SLT) will be the topic of this essay. The idea of team work and various models of SLT will be covered linking their roles, strategy, values and pitfalls. I will interlace this essay with some personal experience and relevant literature Belbin and Fullan to conclude through an historical analogy, my personal understanding of what SL T represents.

The combination of words in the sentence “Effective Senior Leadership Team” brings together an amalgam of important and decisive words, which individually symbolise strong individual qualities. None the less, one word effectively links the whole sentence into one, “team”. According
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This coupled with strong interpersonal skills, commitment, resilience, positive outlook, supportive and approachable with the will to steer the boat in the mist of change and novelty (Pound, 2008).
However, it is also essential to reminds ourselves that a Head Teacher is part of a team and as Fullan (issue March/April 2010: 14) describes, the principal is “second only to the teacher in his or her impact on the student”. In further support to this argument, Belbin (2004) would argue that not one person could fulfil all aspect attributed to the definition of an ideal leader/manager, but that a team could.
Other unconnected negative form of pressure should also be considered when dealing with a Senior Leadership Team. Fullan (2010, spb-161129: p3) talks about the various exterior form of negative pressure, such as a “blind sense of urgency, pressure without means, punitive pressure, groupthink and win-lose competition” that are rooted in the system “culture which serves the forces of inertia”.
He illustrates his point with a “well intentioned” US policy, “No Child Left Behind Act” that served an opposite effect by putting unnecessary pressure in forcing schools, and consequently SLT, to implement an ideology without any

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