What Makes A World View? Essay

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Not only have pacific politics been shaped by our own worldviews, with the influence of those that maintain a very powerful rank in the Pacific communities, world views also shape politics. The concept of a world view is not of a simple context to understand as it has many definitions that exist behind it. DeWitt (2011) defined a world view as ‘not merely a collection of separate, independent, unrelated beliefs, but is instead an intertwined, interrelated, interconnected system of beliefs.’ Carol Hill (2007) also defines a world view as ‘A basic way of interpreting things and events that pervades a culture so thoroughly that it becomes a culture 's concept of reality — what is good, what is important, what is sacred, what is real. Worldview is more than culture, even though the distinction between the two can sometimes be subtle. It extends to perceptions of time and space, of happiness and well-being. The beliefs, values, and behaviours of a culture stem directly from its worldview.’
Throughout the history of the Pacific, there have been various adjustments with the way in which the Pacific has been maintained, controlled and guided. The aim of this paper is to look in further detail at the people of the pacific and how their worldviews shape politics. Looking at how politics and governmental laws have shaped the way in which Pacific people view the world due to the social status, tradition and governmental laws are constantly being altered over time. In addition, the…

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