What Makes A Wonderful Man Christopher Columbus Was By The Eurocentric Powers Of The Textbooks

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Through history there are documents and other artifacts which help point out what has taken place many centuries ago, however, those artifacts or documents are usually lost or destroyed not allowing the correct information to be taught. What is even worse than the information not to be taught due to information not being available, is when the documents or artifacts are present and the proof available, but the schools decide not to teach it any way. The people who want to hide the truth usually want there to be problems in society. By telling the truth and educating all properly, there could be less problems in society, ending riots and other malicious events. One of the biggest lies taught by the Eurocentric powers controlling the textbooks is what a wonderful man Christopher Columbus was. If the truth was told, there would be less hate making society a better place. People only want credit to be given to the correct people and the truth to be told about history, once those two categories are fulfilled society will become a better place.
When history is taught with omissions, this allows there to be confusion within society. The confusion will arise due to the fact there will be those who are educated correctly on the history, and there are those who are miss informed not knowing eh truth opposing the correctly informed. There should be no reason for the educational system to not teach the correct findings, the only people that are benefiting from the incorrect teachings,…

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