What Makes A Wonderful Buying Experience? Essay

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Q. 2 Define in detail the attributes of “value” when buying and co-designing a $50,000 wedding ring. What creates a wonderful buying experience?


When buying and co-designing a $50,000 wedding ring, value is a major part of the buying process. Some of the factors that attributed to the value of this process is amazing customer service, great business values and ethics, and knowledgeable staff. Each one of these plays a major part from the instant a customer walks through the door to even after they leave with their custom designed piece of jewelry.

From the second Lilly and Lester walked through the door at Hudson Jewelers, they were given the feels of being the only customer. They were greeted with a smile and introduction from the owner himself. Although they weren’t being watch like a hawk but instead given space to browse the offered selection of jewelry in peace but the person who greeted them was still around to answer any question they had. Once Lilly and lester found a custom ring was for them, Mr. Hudson spent the remainder of the business day helping them one-on-one design not one but two custom rings. What made this process even better was the CAD expert, Jasime, was within earshot and was able to listen to all of the customers wants and desires allowing her to add those touches to the final 3D rendering of the ring.

When customers are thinking about spending tens of thousands of dollars on a single piece of jewelry, they expect the…

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