What Makes A Teacher? Essay

722 Words Sep 15th, 2014 3 Pages
Think of all the leaders in government, doctors, lawyers and engineers around the world. Who taught them the basic skills they needed to know to become successful in the prominent careers they now hold? The answer to this question is teachers. Teachers have taught these well-off individuals to read, write, and develop character. Without elementary teachers teaching these individuals their basic skills, they would not be held with much esteem. Most likely these individuals would not even be able to survive in the modern world. In today’s modern world a person must be capable of reading and writing. If you cannot read it is hard for you to understand directions because most of the road signs are made up of words, if you cannot write it is hard to communicate with people. It is not just about the leaders in government, doctors, lawyers, or engineers though. It is about the everyday person. It does not matter the position an individual holds in everyday society. What matters is that someone had the dedication and heart to teach the individual the skills needed to get them to this point in their life. A teacher needs to be a hero and a role model. In a classroom a teacher has twenty or more little sets of eyes watching his or hers every move. They must a set a good example to lead up the next generation because this next generation is our future. At seventeen years old, it is a hard decision to decide what career path you want to take for the rest of your life. It is a decision…

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