What Makes A Teacher? Essay

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“Obviously teachers wear many hats…” - Holtrop (1997). As an experienced teacher, you are already prepared to be flexible and being a new teacher, you must remember that your description will change on a daily basis. All roles of a teacher are similar to that of a guide. Guides lead you down new paths; they walk beside you on the journey never in front of you.
Which of the roles you read about, do you think are important?
1. The Assessor -The role of the assessor is to know that assessment is very important in the classroom.
2. Citizenship, Community and Pastoral - Where you have to practice a critical but ethical attitude. You have to be supportive and respectful towards a situation.
3. Lifelong learner and scholar - In your everyday life as a teacher, you will always learn new things; you will also be a scholar in your own school.
4. Specialist teacher - To be known as a specialist in your field, you must be well grounded in knowledge, skills, values, principles and procedures relevant to the field you are in.
5. Designer of learning programs - You as the teacher must be expected to understand and be able to interpret existing learning programs and design your own learning program. You need to always make sure you approach the needs of the learners.
6. The facilitator - Where you should develop a learning environment which is relevant to and also reflective of your students’ social, cultural and linguistic experiences.
Describe the main responsibilities that come…

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