Essay about What Makes A Successful Friendship?

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In life, I have accepted and come to terms with who my friends are (Dutt). Whether, presumed enjoyable or disgraceful, not everyone wishes to be my companion. Coming to terms with the fakes in comparison to the legitimate has proven to be extremely trying. Yet, it’s necessary to having a successful friendship. A majority of friendships aren’t successful, causing life lessons to be taught by my poorly chosen friendships. Though, I have been presented with several hard knocks in the realm of friendship, such is that of human nature. All of the trials and challenges that friendship has presented me, has given me the experience to know that, I truly value friendship. Friendship’s meaningful to me, because having been friendless, and stripped of dignity after falling into the snare of faux companionship, I have found bosom buddies, who have shown me when to trust and when to share my deepest emotions and innermost thoughts. Likewise, they have encouraged me to laugh at my mistakes, and to find joy...even in times of great trial.
Indeed, I have learned a multitude from my past experiences involving friends. In the beginning, most of my experiences were negative. To illustrate, I didn’t have any friends to share secrets with, or to invite to my birthday party. I always wanted a friend; I wondered how it would feel to have a friend. In my younger days, I spent a great deal of time crying, as a result of not having anyone to invite to my birthday parties, or to invite anywhere.…

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