Essay on What Makes A Successful Entrepreneur?

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According to the article “5 characteristics every entrepreneur should have”, the five qualities that are needed are, passion, perseverance, resourcefulness, open-mindedness, and sponge-like nature (Resnick, 2014). As team members see that entrepreneurs have an interest in establishing their own business and helping out team members, passion is a crucial component since they are deeply committed to expanding the company mission and growth (Robinson, 2014). Entrepreneurs are driven by energy to keep themselves busy without any hassles to keep the business running. Passionate entrepreneurs invest their time working more hours to create better products that will satisfy customer’s demand in the marketplace. Also, they are enthusiastic about asking questions and receive input from team members on how to improve business skills and knowledge. Customers and other team members will appreciate what a successful entrepreneur had achieved. Perseverance is also an interesting characteristic of entrepreneurs who, overcome obstacles to run a business. Entrepreneurs faced difficulties in the past, but continued to pursue their goals until they make a difference. However, the only way to solve the problem is to consult with managers who develop a better solution to run a successful business.
2. My characteristics to becoming a successful entrepreneur are confidence, flexibility, and a passion for learning, and networking. Entrepreneurs with high confidence levels are able to complete…

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