What Makes A Strong Relationship? Essay

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Strong relationships are based on the ability to have strong communication with that person or people. Strong relationships have to be built up. There are certain characteristics that help make relationships successful and help keep them long-lasting. One of those characteristics is communication, those who are able to express their feelings openly are able to handle situations in a better way. Another is humor, if you and your friend have humor then you will be able to get through situations easier than arguing about it. There is also the ability to forgive one another, that will help your relationship a lot, because if you forgive them and don 't hold grudges then your friendship will last longer than it would if you do hold a grudge against them. I believe that relationships that are based on righteous principles are the kind of relationships that lead to lasting happiness in our lives. I know that if you want a strong relationship then you need to have good moral standards.

Relationships should be based on righteous principles, such as the responsibility to love and care for each other. I know that in some homes there are certain people that will only take care of themselves and let others help everyone else because they have other things they want to do. In my life I have met many people and had some relationships with them. Now I know that not all of those relationships were meant to be. Before I was adopted into this family, I lived with a few foster families. A lot…

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