What Makes A Sense Of Permanency? Essay

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Belonging is what gives you a sense of permanency, helps to establish your core values and contributes to the development of your identity within your family and the world. The initial sense of belonging that humans experience is commonly through their immediate family, also known as the nuclear family. Human were designed to grow healthy physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally, through loving care and acceptance in a safe environment. Mother’s teach us about bonding, trust, attachment and the ability to give and receive affection. Father’s provide discipline and mentoring that helps us to identify our gifts and talents typically through encouraging risk taking to discover potential (Dye, 2012) If during early childhood you do not receive this type of love and encouragement you can spend years engrossed in the process of finding an identity..
As you know I am generation French-American, born and raised in New York City in a middle class neighborhood, attending catholic school from kindergarten through to High School. Those are the fact, however the details are that while I was raised by both parents there was dysfunction within the family unit. Which translated into a lack of belonging and identity for countless years. I knew what it was to be French and what it was to be an American, I knew what the expected behavior was, I even knew what the core values were, however the house was tyrannical run by a father who was never there. For this reason I never gained a…

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