Essay on What Makes A Restaurant Bahama Breeze?

915 Words Dec 6th, 2016 4 Pages
Today I had the opportunity, and pleasure of trying for the first time the popular restaurant Bahama Breeze. I went with my significant other and my cousin Jennifer on Sunday, December, 4th, 2016. The restaurant was easy to find using the GPS and there was plenty of parking spots to park the automobile. The outside of the building was highly creative, and festive with bright lights along the attractive landscaping. Bahama Breeze is surrounded with many different hotels which must attract many people from many places. This restaurant is a Caribbean cuisine restaurant with many different ethics. You can either dress casual or dress up to dine at this establishment because you have a very carefree atmosphere. The prices are moderate and compared in the same price line as other fine dining restaurants.

When walking into the restaurant, we were surprised by the attention received upon entering, the waiting area was entertaining with music with wicker love seats and surrounded plants. We did not get the pleasure of sitting in the waiting area because we were seated right away. The tables were nice and long to provide plenty of space when you are dining. You had plenty of space to place appetizers, drinks, salads, and your main entry without feeling cramped and overcrowded. There is plenty of lighting over the tables so you can see your family and what you are eating. The decor was very festive with scenes of boats, ocean views, and Caribbean…

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