What Makes A Police Officer? Essay

1616 Words Apr 18th, 2016 null Page
Growing up you see on Halloween children dressing up as police officers or you play cops and robbers. What makes someone want to become a police officer? I can think of some bad and good encounters I had with police officers. A bad one was I was driving in Reading on 12th street the police officer pulled me over saying I was driving crazy. He takes my license registration and proof of insurance he comes back and tells me I have a warrant out for my arrested for not replying to a citation, he say’s “I’m not going to take you because I don’t think you could afford it.” I thought to myself who is he to judge me just because I don’t drive a nice car or I don’t have hundred dollar chain around my neck how does he know what I can and can’t afford. I also remember one time I was driving my brother’s car down 5th street highway in Muhlenberg I was coming from Wal-Mart I wasn’t speeding or anything this cop pulls behind me for no apparent reason runs my brother’s license plate it comes back that my brother had a suspended license at that time. He pulls me over and tells me “I pulled you over because I ran the license plate and it says the owner has a suspended license.” He asks if I was Travis Palmer, I replied no and he asked me for my license to verify I was telling the truth. I think what bothered me the must with that stop was he had no other reason to pull me over. One good experience I had with a police officer was in high school, I got into a fistfight my freshmen year a…

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