What Makes A Police And Detective? Essay

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Bobby hom was a great man, police, and detective. He has saved people, arrested people, and he has been in some serious investigations. Reading about him I have gained a better understanding of what its like to be a police and a detective. I think that I can handle being a police or a detective, I know there are going to be difficult times but it 's gonna but it 's what I want to do so it 's going to be worth it. Bobby Hom grew up in the Bronx with his very hardworking parents. The police officers who would patrol his neighborhood were a good influence to bobby when he was a young boy, he looked up to them. I think that his decision on wanting to be a police officers started with the influenced of the police officers in his neighborhood. He started working at a very young age but when he was older he was not happy with his job so after he graduated high school he and his brother signed up for the civil service test to become police officers in New York City Police Academy. His first few years on the job Bobby was assigned to A-houses. There he rushed to calls for burglaries, grand larcenies, domestic violence, shootings, stolen autos, and firearm violations. He was often very distressed at what he saw. He saw how poorly people lived and how poorly people acted. Bobby had an amazing twenty-five years as a police officer. In 1985 Bobby was at home watching television when his sergeant called him to tell him that the chief of the Organized Crime Control Bureau wanted to see…

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