What Makes A Pokemon Master? Essay

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Five months…
It’s been five whole months since the Kalos League and his departure from Serena and the others. Ash Ketchum, the proud Pallet Town prodigy spent every single day training constantly in order to become stronger, in hopes one day dethrone the one person who crushed his hopes and dreams to become a Pokémon Master: Alain. During the long stretch, there was still doubt in his heart whether or not training would be enough. If his best couldn’t come close in beating Alain and his Mega Charizard X what makes him believe training would make any difference? Although there were a few special occasions where both Cynthia and Diantha offered to take him under their wing. While it was an honor to receive an opportunity to learn from the Pokémon Champions, he respectfully declined their offer believing that in order for him to become the greatest trainer in the world he must do it alone under his own power.
Cynthia and Diantha respected his wishes, but continued to leave the offer on the table if he ever changes his mind.
Delia Ketchum, his mother also notices the change in his demeanor and she couldn’t help, but feel really concerned for him. Ever since coming home from his Kalos journey, he wasn’t the same boy who she raised. He displayed the lack of enthusiasm whenever opportunity presents itself, always skipping meals to train, and spending late hours to analyze his mistakes during his training sessions in order to improve.
Did one major loss really impact him that much?…

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