What Makes A Pizza? Essay

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There are millions of ways to make pizza. A cook could use garlic bread, cheese bread, or wheat bread with American cheese, peeper jack cheese, or Swiss cheese. The combinations are endless. Likewise, the mixture of tall, short, light-skinned, dark-skinned, blonde haired or brown haired men in the world is unending. There is a variety of men, but they all have a common base that makes them who they are in life. Growing up as boys, men pursue similar paths with common traits and habits that distinguish them from women. Their ingredients are virtually the same. Similarly, when making pizza, cooks need at least some type of cheese, flour, and sauce to start before they can be more creative and cook a tasty pizza. Men have their own recipes for making themselves. Society does not define or label man, instead nature provided a foundation for men to grow and develop. This base consists from toughness and endearment, to laziness and ignorance. There is no changing this floor or recipe, because then the product would be something other than a man. Each boy begins from this foundation, and this base is what makes a man.
Boys’ bodies are different than girls’. They grow naturally stronger and taller than girls. Their minds and brains are primed for action and violence, rather than “for war,” Rebecca Walker states in her essay, “Putting Down the Gun.” She continues explaining how boys fit into school by impressing girls through playing sports (Walker). As a mother, she is wrong. Boys…

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