What Makes A Philosophy? Essay

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Philosophy seemed to me as one of the most difficult courses because the word equates to deeper wisdom, rational and logic. It also involves discovering the truth about complicated subjects such as ethics, God, free will, happiness and several others. For me, the term “philosophy” requires one to master the art of thinking and fully understand the world. Before taking the course, I never thought of myself as a philosopher. I seldom question things and accept explanations without analyzing if such explanations are logical or not. I never questioned if an all-knowing and caring God really exists and if humans really have free will. I did not entertain arguments regarding the existence of God, free will, and physical world. When other people misbehave or do an evil act, I immediately conclude that certainly, some people are really born evil and some of them are born with negative character. I never questioned why some people break the rules while some obey the laws. Yes, I have a set of beliefs and I live by them without feeling the need to examine their rational state. People around me have firm and varying opinions about politics and religion. But I was never interested in knowing the “how and why” of their point of views. Before studying Philosophy, I never really cared about questioning, examining, and analyzing things. I just accepted that things are really bound to happen the way they did and there is no deeper reason behind the behavior and actions of people.
When I…

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