What Makes A Perfect Process? Essay

1009 Words Dec 8th, 2016 5 Pages
I’m still struggling to find the perfect process, and I don’t ever expect to find the perfect process. I think and pray that no matter how good I get at acting that I always have room for development and growth. I also don’t think that a perfect process exists because for each new part that I work on, I’ll need different approaches and be exposed to new insights. However, I do begin my process the same way each time: by reading the play. While reading the play, I pay specific attention to my character, what their life is like, taking notes of critical things about their psychology, their history, what they want from the people in their lives and life itself. I also analyze themes of the play which help me understand what the play is fighting for so that I can find my character’s role in that fight. After reading the play, I find my objective. Right away, and probably because I’m a very motivated person, I need to know what I want, what I need, and what is my job to fight for. To do this, I look at both previous scenes and scenes that occur after the one I’m working on. I focus first on the super objective of my character, which determines each unit objective because they all strive to achieve the super objective. For my reasons to be pretty scene, my super objective is adoration. I want to be appreciated, loved, and admired. Then, since this is the first scene in the show, I looked at what Steph fights for throughout the play and what she gets or doesn’t get in this scene…

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