What Makes A New Language? Essay

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In today’s globalized world, it’s not an uncommon situation. You arrive early to work eager to wrap up a big project you’ve been leading for months. Your boss greets you as you arrive to the office and calls you to a meeting of high importance. You soon find your head spinning and heart pounding as leadership informs you that they will be counting on you to lead a new venture overseas. You’re excited for the opportunity, but are you prepared for what you’re about to engage in? You’re a respected leader in your current role, but do you have what it takes to lead people of a different culture? How will you communicate? Oh no, you’ll have to learn a new language… Those would be most people’s first thoughts when taking on a new role in a different country, but in fact there are many things to consider.
Odds are, you will need to change qualities within yourself that better align with your new culture. A massive study is being conducted by Robert J House of the Wharton School. Since 1993, He and his team of researchers have been following and studying the interrelationships among societal culture, organizational culture and practices within organizational leadership. In those studies they have found that “definitions and perceptions of leadership vary considerably from culture to culture… What is seen as a strength in one culture may be a considerable impediment in another culture”.
(Knowledge@Wharton, 1999, para 1-3) It’s these cultural differences that determine what a leader…

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