What Makes A Meaningful Life? Essay examples

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A meaningful life is about making changes; however, this changes must be for the best.
As a student at COC I have learned to have perseverance and good moral standards. I have experience many challenges; I have resolved to keep going without sacrificing my morals. This has allowed me to become a more proficient student, with determination towards my academic goals and integrity in the way I resolve my setbacks. Being gritty and ethical are the foundation in which a meaningful life is built.
Grit is needed to accomplish life goals; hence, students need to develop this character strength to be successful. With out any principle of a growth mindset students would not stay in school; subsequently, students who lack grit tend to question their intelligence and ability to perform. In the article, “Brainology” Carol Dweck says, “Studies have shown that what students believe about their brains — whether they see their intelligence as something that 's fixed or something that can grow and change — has profound effects on their motivation, learning, and school achievement”. The best way to develop grit is trough perseverance, students must know that the brain is similar to a muscle, and practice and reinforcement is needed as a way of training. In the article, “you can grow your intelligence”, Dweck explains that in order to develop stronger brains, students must practice; as a result, trough trail and error students will develop a stronger sense of grit. Grit allows students to…

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