What Makes A Lizoabat? Essay

1238 Words Nov 17th, 2015 null Page
A Lizoabat was last seen by a U.S drone flying across Panama. At first the creature was thought to be an Unidentified Flying Object because it was moving at 110mph. fortunately with the advancement of technology, image of the creature was magnified over 100x. The drone actually caught a very rare glimpse of this creature. Lizoabats are fairly large farquars with unknown origins. Some people believe that the Lizoabat is a relative of the dragon, but no researcher has made a successful attempt at capturing it to run test. This farquar has some special physiological traits, mating habits, and hunting techniques. Lizoabats are new to the animal kingdom. Little is known about such fascinating creatures, but this paper covers most of what has been found by researchers. So, let’s review what makes a Lizoabat, a Lizoabat. Initially, the very makeup of a Lizoabat is astounding. Lizoabats have various physiological characteristics as a result of the evolutionary process and migration. The Lizoabat develops very rough skin in order to survive hot, humid environments. It is believed that Lizoabat skin adapts to the hot environment because as babies, Lizoabats have very smooth sleek skin because they live in the water for the first year of their lives. They do not have legs. They are blind but they have incredible senses by using a combination of echolocation and tongue flicks to smell its surroundings. Once again, the development of echolocation may be an adaptation obtained from…

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