What Makes A Life? Essays

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Living a purposeful life is like a religion to some; some seek it, but the experience is different for everyone. Most people will say that without passion, purpose cannot be created. Others say that as a society we have changed what it means to have a purpose. Rarely as a society do we stop to explain what it means to live a purposeful life, or how it helps us form more fulfilling relationships with others, or why everybody should have a purpose.
According to Jason Anthony, the founder of evenminds, there are three vital dimensions that influence our path to finding peace and achieving success in life. These three vital dimensions are our mindset and emotions, our thoughts and ideas, and our choices and actions. All three dimensions sandwiched together dictate who we are and why we think the way we do. For example, if two people that have a history of drug addiction have a child, that child will be exposed to drugs, therefore that child will have a greater chance of also becoming addicted to drugs. If that very same child grows up one day and realizes that the way they were raised is wrong, they will started to question and change their own vital dimensions. Children take after their parents and the values that are placed upon them will determine who they are, why they think a certain way, and why they do certain things. The first step towards discovering your purpose is questioning the three vital dimensions in your life.
To limit individuals from achieving anything in a…

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