Essay on What Makes A Leader?

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When you think of a leader, what comes to mind? Maybe some comic book character like, superman or batman. Someone who has a red cape blowing in the wind? You can go on for days and days about what a leader is, to me it is someone willing to go over the top to do what is right. Leadership is doing something for others, it may not always have the best possible outcome but you try your absolute best to provide for those who need it. When i think of a leader i think personally to my own father, but he is more than just a father, he is my dad. I was eight years old when he first deployed to Iraq in the year 2005. The last thing he said to me before leaving was, “You have to step up and be the man of the house for a little bit, Can you do that?”, the eight year old me with a tear running down my face just shook my head up and down. I thought how can someone just leave like this and go to another country? How can he leave me? My mom? My sister? So many questions raced through my head, it was not later on until i realized he didn’t want to leave us, but he wanted to protect us from the evil in the world that there is today. A leader does not ever quit but gives one-hundred percent all the time, no matter what he has to leave behind. The Army defines leadership as influencing people by providing purpose, direction, and motivation, while operating to accomplish the mission and improve the organization. This is very similar to how I believe a leader should be, although i do think a…

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