What Makes A Journalist? Essay examples

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What makes a journalist? A person writing this would probably jump to an answer that is obvious and played out, for example, someone who reports the news, however there is much more to it than that. A person writing on this prompt would have to consider all the different types of journalism that there is and what they really do. The person would also have to take into account how a journalist gets their stories, the rules they have to follow, as well as the research that does into the job. By doing research, shadowing, and even interviewing a journalist themselves a writer would have a very diverse paper that would represent a journalist well.
For this prompt the students need to know how to prove they can write as a journalist. They must write in an informative way that is not bias. Because they student 's writing this prompt are most likely to be journalism majors themselves, they must how that they can write the paper without sounding as if they believe the job is the most amazing. Students need to plan the essay by giving themselves enough time to figure out what they really think makes a journalist. Once the student receives feedback they will be able to see how their style of writing leans toward one side or the other. Over time the feedback will shape the way they student writes because they will then be able to see what they need to improve on in order to not write in a bias matter.The reason the paper will have to be revised is because in the field of journalism…

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