Essay on What Makes A Homemade Ice Cream?

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It’s the memory everyone remembers as a kid. The sing-song sound of the ice cream truck could be heard by every kid even a mile away from their home every afternoon. Ice cream was the perfect summer treat and only costs a dollar or two plus it came in many different flavors. Today, ice cream can easily be bought in stores or even made at home with very simple ingredients. Aside from the original flavors of chocolate and vanilla, there have been creations of new flavors ranging from rocky road all the way to different kinds of sherbet. Most people buy them in tubs at their nearest grocery store or go out to an ice cream shop with their family and get them made on top of a cone, but making one homemade is quite the treat as well. It might sound like a lot of work, but it’s really easy. You may even have all of the materials right in your own pantry. There are few different ways to make homemade ice cream including ones that don’t require an ice cream maker. One fast and simple way to make homemade ice cream is by creating it in a Ziploc bag with a couple easy ingredients. The ingredients required are milk, heavy cream, sugar, salt, vanilla, and two Ziploc bags; one quart-sized and one gallon-sized. To start, in one of the quart-sized Ziploc bags, combine the milk, heavy cream and vanilla. Make sure when mixing in the Ziploc bags that you are squeezing as much of the air as you can out of the bag. The reason being that it allows you to fully blend the ingredients properly.…

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