Essay about What Makes A Healthy Person?

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Health, what is the true definition of being a human who is considered a “healthy person”? Is it the strength of the body, or is it the amount of fat a person has on their body? Or, could it even be the mental aspects of the human mind that keeps a person healthy? Well, the answer is all of the above, all of these aspects of life contribute to the factor of a healthy life. A healthy body, mind, and even soul are all of what makes a human healthy. Although it can be tough to maintain all of these features, but these all improve the quality of life he/she will have to longelity to social health. Nevertheless, the human body is almost very fragile, and some people do not take their health seriously thought heath choices, or even environmental hazards that cannot not be controlled. Yet, how does one know how healthy a person is? For starters, one can look as total weight as a starting indicator for health by just looking at another. Healthy weight is one of the most important forms of heath a person can have. Having a healthy body can show that a person is healthy, they do not necessarily have to have muscle built to the extreme, but does not mean that a healthy person will not have a well toned body. Otherwise, measurements of cholesterol, and even levels of blood pressure will show how a person diets, and even their eating habits. Another factor that some might not believe is the health of human mentality, as stress, and numerous other factors can contribute…

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