What Makes A Healthy Lifestyle? Essay

1349 Words Mar 18th, 2016 6 Pages
The choices people make depends on what kind of lifestyle they want. If someone wants a healthy lifestyle they need to control themselves not to eat foods that are unhealthy for them. When kids are young they have a chance to live a healthy lifestyle. To live that kind of lifestyle; moreover, it all comes down to what kind of parent influence the child has. Depending how much they make or how much energy and time they have to prepare a meal is a big contribution for a child’s body shape. Yes, parents have a small amount of control of what their child eats, but that small amount of time the child is home, parents influence the children. The atmosphere of the neighborhood and household is a justification on how parents are the influence to their kids bodies. If a neighborhood is close to fast food restaurants it could lead to bad eating habits like going there everyday and buying a burger off the dollar menu. Besides, if say a family does not bring in a high-income that could cause bad eating habits also. If parents do not bring a big income and have to have a budget, fast food is the way to go. Easy, fast, and cheap. Also if a parent makes little income they might have to work overtime or have more than one job. When people work to much they tend to get tired faster and do not have the time and energy to prepare healthy meals or even an meals at all. To explain more on this issue I found an article that connected to my points citing, “Children who rely on fast food may…

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