Essay on What Makes A Healthy Food?

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There is a serious debate about what makes a healthy food. Many people argue that vegetarians eat healthy food and people who eat meat also argue that they eat healthy foods. The fact of the matter is that healthy food needs good nutrition. In today’s society, people are very conscious about their bodies and their health in general. There are thousands of recipes and nutritional diets that are out there to help in keeping people healthy and being fit. What makes a healthy food is a balanced nutrition. Many people do not have the right nutritional balance in their foods and this is what causes weight gain. Nutrition is an important aspect of human life (Mayo Clinic).
The food we eat determines how healthy we are and to some extent affects our life span. In a world where health fitness has become the new craze and toned figures are lauded as beautiful, many people have been caught up in the frenzy of healthy eating. Healthy food is considered as having low calories and high in nutrients (Devarius). It is also satisfying owing to its nutrient dense. Some foods that are classified as nutritious are: vegetables, legumes, wheat and many others. Organically grown vegetables are considered to be healthier as opposed to genetically modified ones. This is because they have fewer chemical additives. Research in the recent past has shown a relationship between the foods we eat and our ability to fight diseases (Nutrition Team).
Food has proteins, carbohydrates and fats, and it is…

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