What Makes A Great Leader? Essay

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People of Value
Many people are responsible for providing Americans with the freedoms we have today like Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, and Alexander Hamilton. These people would make great world leaders today for their contributions to society, government, and public relations. In general, these men have contributed to our country in many ways; for example, they drafted the United States Constitution. Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay would publish the Federalist Papers. Thomas Jefferson would write the first draft of the Declaration of Independence. John Adams, John Marshall, and Patrick Henry put pass legislation that would create a national government.
What makes a person a leader, or rather, what makes them a great leader? John Adams, was exceptional man who helped secure our countries freedom. He did this by taking a stand and arguing against the stamp act which taxed American colonies unfairly. To be a great leader, one must be fair and just, John Adams clearly shows this by representing the British soldiers who were on trial for killing five colonist for what is now known as the Boston Massacre. Even though this did not reflect well upon him in the colony, Adams believed everyone deserved a fair trial and even though the decision he made to represent the soldiers was unpopular so was suggesting that part of the blame for the incident lay on the colonist. Adams actions proved he was a fair and brave man who would sacrifice himself if it meant…

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